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Website Development


We will create a modern, responsive website by using modern coding techniques built on the WordPress Platform. Designs will be created using modern coding techniques. By using these coding languages, we will be able to improve site indexing, enhance the user experience of site visitors and browser compatibility.

Further with the use of these coding languages and the jQuery Library we can create a user interface that will account for mobile devices including: Smart Phones, and Tablets. By the way of responsive design, we can create an environment that is conducive to search patterns of this site.

I Responsive Design

To support mobile devices effectively, we are recommending the use of responsive design layout. This works by recognizing the screen resolution of the browser accessing your site.

Features of Responsive Design:

  1. Eliminates the need for having multiple sites for multiple devices (Mobile & Tablet). It allows for the content to be consistent across several different sites.
  2. This format also prevents canonical issues and duplicate content penalties often caused by having multiple sites. (Prevents long term SEO penalties)
  3. Compiles all inbound links to one location.
  4. User Experience is factored into Search Engine Ranking.

II Key Design Features

  1. Dynamic Dropdown Menu that is controlled by a WordPress CMS platform allowing for the ease of updating and adding new pages to the site. These will also allow better management of all the current pages found on the site.
  2. Optional jQuery transitioning slider that features focused content and graphics
  3. Social media design that gives the appearance of being part of the design and not an item inserted after the fact.

We will use WordPress CMS. This robust, open source platform provides for dynamic control over the entire site and its layout.

III Key Features of the Platform

  1. Open source PHP driven: This allows for the greatest flexibility of design and control over the layout.
  2. User Controls: This allows for complete, custom access levels over content, page creations, publishing and updating. This would also provide limited access to those employees that need lower level access and will provide other users with full access to the complete solution.
  3. SEO Friendly: The flexibility and inherent structure allows for ease of SEO optimization.
  4. User Interface: The UI is created in such a way that updating, adding, deleting and maintaining the overall site does not require extensive knowledge of coding languages.

IV Search Engine Optimization

As part of our service, all of the initial pages on the site will be optimized at launch. This optimization includes:

Meta Tag’s: Page Title, Page Description and Keywords.

This approach is intended to bridge the gap between markup tags and the actual information they contain. This allows anyone to make the information published easily sharable and searchable.

Scope of Work (SOW)

These are all the site-specific settings for the site.

  • Dynamic Menu Creation, allowing for future growth.
  • Easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System for client self-updating)
  • Intuitive navigation, easy to follow from main links to sub navigation.
  • Awesome Site Design (up to 5 pages and includes all content from current website.) This will be static graphics (client may supply some images)
  • Integration with existing social media links LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook & Google+
  • Google Analytics integration for statistic tracking hits, bounce rate and conversion goals
  • Responsive Design for Mobile and Tablet Support
  • Optional Rotating Home Page JQuery Option
  • Newsletter sign-up integration option
  • SEO – Optimization for site launch
  • Contact Form

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