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Digital Analytics


Why Digital Analytics?

Digital Analytics provides hard data for marketing decisions. We set goals, compare, track, measure and continually improve marketing efforts to help you get more customers and grow your business.

Traffic Stats

Interactive reporting for visitor tracking, navigation analysis, and traffic segmentation.

Data Driven Marketing Decisions

We help you get an overall view of your digital marketing by measuring traffic stats, micro and macro conversions, and more. We help you make smart marketing decisions based on hard data.

Referral Traffic

Provides a report of all traffic and identifies which websites and platforms sent you traffic.

Goals and Sales Funnels

The best way to convert traffic into sales is to map out the conversion sales process. Than look for the biggest drop-offs from one step to the next and optimize content to improve conversions.

Measure Campaign Performance

Identify which campaigns drive the most traffic and conversions to your website. They may be different campaigns.

Intelligence Events

There are alerts that report on significant spikes or dips based on your preferences. This can be used for conversions or events.

Start Your Journey to Smarter Marketing Decisions

The first step in your journey to smarter marketing decisions is to talk to us. As experts in digital analytics, we will first find out your ultimate business objectives. Clearly defined objectives will help us determine the right measurement strategy for your business.
After segmentation and analysis using the best-in-class tools, we will then put the gathered data into context and help you come up with the right strategy. This will bring you more leads, increase your online revenue, and improve your marketing ROI.
So if your business is struggling with a gap in analytics, it’s time to have a conversation with us. We’ll work with you so you’ll understand how digital analytics will improve digital marketing efforts.

Better Understanding of Users

Digital analytics can especially help you identify where users are coming from, what device they’re using, and a host of other user attributes. It can also monitor which patterns in traffic will result in conversions. You can then use this data to refine your site design, content, and overall marketing efforts to target specific consumer segments.

Understanding of Customer Trends

Thanks to the evolution of connected devices, the traditional sales funnel—Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action—does not apply anymore. Now customers can start their buying journey at any point of the funnel. With digital analytics, we can understand new trends in customer behavior, anticipate their decisions, and find effective ways to drive them to conversion.

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