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Affordable Web Design

Affordable Web Design

Most companies today have a website and many are not only old looking, but more importantly they’re non responsive. A responsive web design is a website that can be viewed on all devices. Mobile has exploded and the fact is that the majority of searches are done on mobile devices. Don’t just think smart phones, think tablets. People no longer need to purchase a home computer. Yesterday, laptops replaced desktop computers and today, tablets are replacing laptops. If you don’t have a responsive web design for your business, you’re sending potential customers to competitor websites.

If you have contacted professional web designers for a quote, you probably became discouraged when you learned that you would have to pay thousands of dollars for a high quality web design. A responsive website from a typical web design firm generally costs between $2,500-$6,000. Some web design firms get $15,000 or more. In the past, a low cost web design would not help you convert browsers into customers, but that is no longer true. We build beautiful and affordable web designs for small and medium size companies for $999.99$799.00

What is the difference between our affordable web designs and the more expensive designs? There is no difference. We use the same premium WordPress Themes with the same features as the expensive designers. This website is an example of a Premium WordPress Theme that we may use to create your website.

How do we sell beautiful responsive websites below market value?  We have the tools to efficiently produce, affordable high quality responsive websites and we pass the savings on to you.

Similar priced websites don’t compare to our products. We offer high quality responsive web designs with a CMS (Customer Management System) in the back end that is more robust and easier to use than similar priced products. In addition, most similar priced websites are web templates, not search engine optimized and not complete with all the features that you will need.

*$999 * $799 Web Designs Include:

  • Dynamic Menu Creation, allowing for future growth.
  • Easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System for client self-updating)
  • Intuitive navigation, easy to follow from main links to sub navigation.
  • Integration with existing social media links LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook & Google+
  • Google Analytics integration for statistic tracking hits, bounce rate and conversion goals
  • Modern Responsive Design for Mobile and Tablet Support
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Newsletter sign-up integration
  • SEO – Optimization for site launch
  • Contact Form

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