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What Are Landing Pages?

23 Oct
what are landing pages


Occasionally, a visitor might find your business website by accident after a random search or click through from another location. It might also happen thanks to a specific referral from a colleague, friend or family member. Of course, all such visitors are welcome, but the mainstay of a business is increasingly found in dealing with those who arrive after making a specific search using a keyword or keyword phrase.

If you have ever walked into a store and found that the staff then simply ignore your presence, you’ll appreciate the importance of positive first impressions. It’s possible that you would leave before anyone even acknowledged you – and a possible lifetime of business leaves with you. Equally, if you are acknowledged, but the member of staff is unable to help, the same outcome often applies.

Let’s translate such experiences to your internet marketing activities and web design needs. The goal of a landing page is to convince a visitor to perform a call to action. The call to action could be to complete a purchase, request more information or subscribe to a company newsletter or blog. Landing pages are commonly used to generate leads for a company (lead generation). Visitors undertaking a search for specific terms, ones where professional SEO techniques finds them heading to your website, means that the searcher wants equally precise outcomes. Simply clicking through to a company’s homepage, and then being expected to take other steps to find what they are looking for by themselves, doesn’t impress many potential customers and will cause many visitors to leave your website. Equally, not being able to quickly complete a desired e-commerce purchase will frustrate them.

Therefore, the key is to create a series of specific landing pages, ones that refer to the search terms of these keyword searches, ones you know your potential customers will make. The instant that an individual clicks through they can then recognize a place that will have what they are looking for. For example, if you were searching for a digital camera, arriving at a page that talks to this specific need, rather than a homepage featuring wide ranges of different electrical products, is more likely to keep you there.

However, holding their initial attention is only a short-term goal. The real aim is to move any visitor smoothly on to the next stage of their journey. This might be to have them click through to complete an e-commerce transaction or initiate contact and request more information (call to action).

This means that your landing pages are simply that. They are not final destinations in themselves, but places where people make a call to action that you are seeking. Landing pages are valuable in gaining great SEO results for your internet marketing activities, and making the most of your professional web design. Otherwise, potential customers might simply be up-and-gone before you even knew of their existence!

Paul Schlanger

Paul Schlanger is founder and CEO of World Wide Web Solutions Inc. A Full Service Web Agency that specializes in web design, website management and internet marketing.

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